Radically generous women

Radically generous women

Hello! Yay, I am feeling inspired, and a little relieved.

I just submitted an application to be a venture supported by SheEO. They are an awesome international organisation that supports ventures by women-indentified and non-binary people that are working on the ‘world’s to-do list‘, or the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I applied for Upward Dog to be able to go to the next level and support sufferers of PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and PME (premenstrual exacerbation of mental illness), by donating 10% of profits to an organisation that provides advocacy, research, support and lots of good stuff, called IAPMD.

This is the direction I really want to go to bring (most) of my passions and purpose into the one vehicle and support others to know they aren’t alone and get effective treatment (I had PMDD, as well as endometriosis and adenomyosis, so I have travelled the road of feeling isolated with chronic conditions).

There’s lots of ways I can see this flower – although maybe I will keep it a little under wraps for now.

So please give some crossed fingers, some good vibes, whatever works for you for Upward Dog getting through the application process and joining a community of radically generous women (how good would that be?)

Check out SheEO – you can also be an activator, where women-identified and non-binary folks can support ventures. It’s a much more connected process as an activator than crowd-funding, and a much friendlier, whole-person process as a venture than other sources of business ‘advice’ or funding.

And generous things to all of you:)


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