Settling inner restlessness

Settling inner restlessness

Hi all,

It has been quite a while since I got bloggy. I am thinking of everyone, as our interconnection is magnified at the moment.

There has been a huge surge of interest in yoga gear as people are at home, wanting to look after their bodies, minds and souls. And perhaps their kids’, also.

Thank you for the interest; how heartening.

However, I suggest getting in orders if you are after something, as stock is seriously depleting for us, and our suppliers. If you are after a Manduka mat it is a good time to order that, as I have changed it so that Manduka items can’t be backordered at this time. The cost of getting stock from California has just skyrocketed with the lockdown there.

We are out of Manduka PROs, but do still have some PROlites and PROtravels.

In the meantime, I am looking around at other suppliers to get some other fantastic gear in. I will be putting other items up on the site as they become available, such as cork blocks (hugely in demand!)

We have also recently kicked off an offer with Yoga Vastu. Yoga Vastu is created by senior Iyengar teacher Pixie Lillas. Pixie brings 40 years of experience teaching online with videos, audio and illustrated guides. She is joined by other world-leading Iyengar Yoga instructors. Follow along at home and track your progress. Special discounted rates available for Upward Dog customers.

I have been accessing Pixie’s teaching and it is wonderfully deep and clear. All levels of experience can access the riches. This sequence helps support the immune system while also steadying the nervous system and is hugely helpful.

Our offer: get a code for 15% off a Yoga Vastu subscription with Upward Dog orders of $150+.

I hope you are taking care.  There are so many, but my number one pick for a deeply calming pose (that kids might also enjoy) is Viparita Korani (legs up the wall).  You can check it out in Pixie’s sequence.

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