Six Lower Back Stretches that Reduce Pain

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These six yoga poses should ease your pain, whether you have low back pain that has been bothering you for a long time or are just feeling tight at the end of your week.

Child’s Pose

This is the most basic and easiest way to stretch the lumbar area in all directions.

You can also rock from side to side or extend your arms in front of you to help with the landing. If your forehead doesn’t touch the ground, place a blanket or block under it. This will help you to relax the muscles in the spine.

Puppy Pose

This Down Dog variation is great if the Child’s Pose poses a challenge to your hips and ankles.

Keep your knees firmly bent, and try to draw a straight line between your fingertips and your hips. The more you bend and press into your fingers, the better you feel.

Triangle Pose

This position is important in preventing back pain, as it strengthens the legs and core and stretches your spinal muscles.

At first, rest your hand on a block. However, it would be best if you did not aim to have any weight in your lower hand. This will allow your core to support your spine and hold you up.

You don’t want to touch either the block or the floor. You want both sides of your ribcage to be parallel, with little or no visible curve.

Reclined Twist

Unwind your muscles with this tasty twist.

It would be best if you looked in the opposite direction as you let both knees fall to one side. Relax your shoulders to soften and relax your back muscles.

Place a block or bolster to support any part of the body that you feel you are lifting. This pose is meant to be done with a soft, relaxed body.

Rag Doll

Let the weight of your head stretch out your vertebrae and release any compression. Keep your knees bending so that the focus is on stretching your spine and not your pelvis or your hamstrings.

You can shake your head or rock to sink more deeply in the stretch.

This little trick will also help to reduce the pain response of your brain.

Reclined Pigeon

Any Pigeon Pose should do, but if it causes you pain, try lying on your back. Release all four corners of the upper body onto the mat.

If you can’t reach your thigh, use a strap. Pigeon Pose is used to treat a tight lower back because tight hips can cause back pain.

Open your hips, and the pain will gradually subside.

Try holding each of these daily for 20 breaths or more at a time, and use as many props as you can get your hands on to support your body where you need it.

Are you experiencing lower back pain or discomfort? Did you find these lower back stretches helpful in reducing pain? Please share your experiences with us!

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