Six Yoga Poses that Activate the Gluteal Muscles

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Yoga can be an amazing exercise for the body. It can allow you to improve posture, strengthen the core, and lift the butt. That is if working toward a tighter, more yogilicious booty is a priority for you.

Toned glutes are not just about looking good. They also have many other benefits. Our freeĀ 30-Day Yoga Challenge can help you achieve your fitness goals or strengthen your gluteal muscle. Your body will learn to move more efficiently when you use your glutes. This improves your daily movement. This will also reduce your risk of injury to your legs, back, knees, and hips.

Consider these common poses for activating the gluteal muscles.

Mountain Pose

Standing tall and straight in Tadasana involves more than simply standing upright. Engaging your quads, glutes, and abs will make you feel more solid and engaged. Focusing on your glutes can make Tadasana more active.

Half Locust Pose

Lie on your stomach with your arms bent at the elbows and your hands together as a pillow to rest your head on. Your legs should be long. Slowly raise one leg at a given time. Alternate the legs or lift each leg several times.

Squeeze your butt as you lift. Keep your front hips pressed into the mat to activate the glutes.

Chair Pose

Utkatasana is a pose that activates a number of muscles when you lower your booty to the “chair.”

Work on aligning the knees above the ankles and shifting your weight onto the heels. This is difficult to achieve, so keep working towards a deep sitting posture.

Low Lunge Pose with Back Knee Up

To maintain your balance, use your legs to stabilize yourself. It is better to activate your legs than put a lot of weight on the arms and hands that are in contact with the mat.

This pose will strengthen you by engaging the back leg and tightening your hamstrings.

High Lunge Pose

Add glute-activating variation to a high or crescent lunge by pulsing your breath.

On the inhale, rise and extend the front leg a little. Exhale and sink into the pose. Bring the front leg to 90-degree flexion. To stay upright and balanced, the gluteus muscle is required to work hard.

Balancing Star Pose

Start with Star Pose, and lift your leg slowly. Tilt yourself to the other side. Engage your gluteus muscle by dorsiflexing the foot (pulling toes towards the shins) and raising the leg.

This pose will activate the gluteus medium and gluteus minimal muscles that are deeper than the gluteus maximum or outermost butt.

Since you began practicing yoga, have you noticed stronger, tauter, and more lifted glutes? What is your favorite glute-activating yoga pose?

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