Someone made your clothes

Someone made your clothes

It’s true.  I know you know, but still, it gives a purchase a kind of intimacy, reflecting that hands, possibly many, have been involved in making a garment.

A little while back there was ‘Fashion Revolution’ day which is about asking the big brands #whomademyclothes.  Excellent, more of this, and you know, not just for the bandwagon factor.  Some change can be good: bigger systemic changes would be the thing, of course.

In the meantime: we are definitely not a big brand, and our suppliers aren’t either.  All of our suppliers have said that their workers are treated well.  Still, completely filling out a supply chain takes serious investigative skills.  However, we are still on the case and will post more info as we get it.

We also keep looking for new suppliers and look to get most of our criteria covered in our existing and new stock, which is: ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials and processes, and small independent businesses.  I also love some beautiful form, function, and yumminess in our clothes and props.

So that’s where we are at with this ‘trend’.  Of course, there is the criticism that worrying about things being fair-trade is a middle class display.  Still, I say, do what you can to help others, and we all gotta wear clothes, right? Don’t buy into it just for the sound of it, of course, and enjoy comfy garments that don’t fall apart in a couple of months.  Do some yoga if you want, too.

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