Super Soldier pose in 10 easy steps

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Stand on one leg, lift the other, wrap this arm under that leg, bend a knee, grab that foot, lengthen out, knee up, shoulder back — welcome to Super Soldier, the pose most of us have only seen on Instagram, many of us have never heard of before, Very few actually know how to do it.

The bendy pose was something I never considered doing, thinking it would be another crazy IG variation. That is until a random teacher in a class that I happened to attend showed us how to do it. While mine didn’t look as beautiful as the photos I had seen, I was still surprised that I found myself in the bendy pose.

Would you like to try it?

Warm up by doing sun salutations and stretches for the hips and shoulders, as well as thigh and calf stretches. This pose is for the flexible!

Super Soldier Pose: 10 Steps to Super Soldier Pose

Bend your knees forward and stand with your feet wider than your hips.

You can also nestle your ribs in between your thighs by bringing your fingertips behind your ankles.

Walk your fingertips to the right after dropping your shoulder.

Place your left finger in front of the left pinkie.

Straighten your left hand by pressing into the fingertips on your left.

Look under the left armpit by leaning onto your right leg and twisting your torso left.

Slowly lift your left leg behind you by shifting your weight to your right foot.

Use your left fingers on the floor and bend your knees at the top to open the left side.

Keep your bottom knee bent and bend your right arm inside your right leg. Grab the top foot.

Press firmly through your standing toe and straighten the standing leg. Then, extend your top knee upwards.

Did you manage to do it? Even the most flexible people can’t get their heads around this pose the first or second time. Remember that these poses are only for fun.

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