Ten Unusual Yoga Classes That You Must Know

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Are you an adventurous yoga lover? Do you love trying yoga in new places or with new themes?

Check out these unique yoga classes! These classes are sure to meet your yoga needs, from yoga with dogs to stop, drop, and yoga.

Heart Beats at 405 Yoga

Heart BEATS, a mindful, body-positive, move-how-you-feel flow, is located in Washington, DC. It’s choreographed with some of the best jams. (Think about everything from hip-hop and your favorite R&B throwbacks to today’s pop and electro hits.) This flow is for letting go and connecting deeply.

They encourage students, with their repetitive flow, low lighting, and plenty of room for self-guided movements, to focus less on how they appear in a particular pose and more on how they are feeling, cultivating acceptance and self-love at every breath. Dancing is encouraged, of course!

You can only see your 3×7 mat and hear your breath.


You love to do your asanas and then relax with a beer. Check out BrewAsanas.

After a Vinyasa Yoga class of one hour, enjoy a beer in a local brewer! What could be more fun than doing yoga and supporting local beer brewers?

BrewAsanas is perfect for people of all kinds, whether you are a beer lover or a yoga novice. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Noise Yoga

If you live in Seattle and are looking for a new class to try, Noise Yoga is a great option. Noise Yoga combines yoga and experimental music, led by Emily Denton, a yoga teacher.

The authors say, “The richness and challenge of experimental music is enhanced by the body awareness and focus that yoga promotes.” The series draws on Seattle’s rich network of boundary-pushing musicians to connect communities and expose audiences and artists alike to new experiences.


Pop-up concerts are those where an artist appears without much notice. This is the concept behind POP UP YOGA.

POP UP YOGA is a regular event in Zurich. It can be held in a park, an art gallery, a nightclub, or a rooftop. If you love yoga and stop or drop, then POP UP YOGA is the class for you.

Healthy Honey: Stay Fit and Lit

It’s not surprising that, since Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational purposes only recently, some people have combined cannabis with yoga.

Healthy Honeys offers a class called “Get Fit and Stay Lit” that combines yoga with vaporizing – the “health conscious’ preferred way to indulge.” If you live in Colorado and you think this is something you would like to do, you can check out Healthy Honey’s offerings.

HotPod Yoga

Do you love hot yoga but feel stuck at work too much? Hotpod Yoga has arrived!

Hotpod Yoga is a portable, heated, inflatable yoga studio. They can bring Hot yoga to everyone. Hotpod Yoga is the perfect place to go if you want to take a break and do some yoga.


Do you love dogs? You don’t have to keep them away from your mat when you practice yoga; they are welcome!

Suzi, the founder of Doga or Dog Yoga, started with her Cocker Spaniel Coali. You and your dog can now practice together in warrior poses.

Is anyone for Downward Dog?


Do you want to feel more free in your yoga practice? Try doing yoga without clothes!

BOLD & NAKED Yoga helps you “transform any personal limitations and restrictions, inhibitions, shame, to create a feeling of total freedom.” Bold Naked is a team of specially trained instructors who will inspire you to become your best self.


Snowga is for winter lovers! You can snowshoe to a few vineyards and then do a 30-minute yoga class in the cold.

Enjoy the view, sip some tea, and continue to do yoga. This class will put you in a holiday mood, and snuggling up next to a fireplace afterward will be heavenly.

Glow Flow Yoga

Glow Flow Yoga is a great option for those who love to dance in clubs and want to balance their time with yoga.

You can’t fail with DJs, fluorescent body paint, and blacklights! Enjoy dancing, yoga, and glowing with your friends. Glow Flow Yoga is the perfect combination of fitness, fun, and fitness.

What is your favorite class? Share your unique yoga classes! Comment below to let us know!

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