The 10-Minute Morning Sequence for Beginners

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One of my favorite times to practice is first thing in the morning. I’m’ a mother of a two-year-old and have a busy career. I’ve found that if I wait to practice, I either run out of time or energy!

I tell my beginner students to commit to a daily or weekly home practice. It can be not easy to motivate yourself without someone encouraging you in the morning. This free 30-Day Yoga Challenge is a great way to get you started with a regular morning yoga routine. Morning is the best time to begin. It will help you get into a habit of moving your body with your breath and rolling out your mat. You will also be set up for a productive, healthy, and positive day.

This morning yoga sequence is perfect for beginners to get their blood flowing and focused. These poses will help you to feel more flexible and fit throughout the day.


Mountain Pose can be a good place to begin. Press evenly on all four corners of your feet. Draw your abdominals up and in as you stretch your arms toward the floor.

Hold your breath for 5 to 8 breaths in order to focus and be ready to go deeper.

Urdhva Hastasana

Lift your arms overhead in Mountain Pose and firmly press your hands together. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, and engage your triceps. Engage your abdominals and keep the legs firmly in place.

Hold your breath for 5 to 8 breaths.

Warrior I

The morning is a great time to practice warriors. Warriors instill confidence, give us strength, and help us to connect with our inner strength.

Step your left leg backward one leg length from Urdhva hastasana. As you lunge forward with your right leg, press the outer left heel into the mat. The left foot must be pointed at a 75-degree angle. Be sure that the knee is above the ankle.

Hold your breath for 5 to 8 breaths.

Warrior II

Open your arms, hips, and waist as you look forward, while in Warrior, I pose on the right. You can extend your back toes more than 75 degrees but still keep them a few inches forward of your heel. Be sure to keep the knee from rolling in. Keep your torso in line and draw your abs.

Breathe in deeply for 5 to 8 deep breaths.


Straighten your front leg from Warrior II and place the hand on a knee, shin, or block. Imagine you are between two narrow walls.

Take five to eight deep breaths and then stand up.

Extended Side Angle

Place the outer right arm on the upper right leg. Extend your upper arm upwards and lengthen it from the outside edge of the foot to the fingers on the left.

Hold your breath for 5 to 8 breaths.

Fold both legs inwards and drop your hands along the front foot. Repeat postures 3-6 to the left. Come back through Urdhva hastasana.

Downward Dog

Instead of folding forward after doing an Extended Side Angle, place both your hands on either side of your left foot and step backward to meet the right foot as you come into the Downward-Facing Dog Pose.

Roll your upper arms outwards and press firmly with your hands. Keep your abdominals tight and lengthen your torso. Use your legs to bring your torso into space actively.

It’s okay to bend your knees!

Hold your breath for 8-10 seconds.

Forearm Plank

Roll out from the Downward Facing Dog Pose to Plank, or drop down to your hands and knees and place your forearms on the floor. Be sure to keep your body in a straight line, from head to foot.

Hold your abs for 30 to 60 seconds to energize your body for the day.

Baby Cobra

From the forearm plank, lower down to your stomach, walk your arms slightly forward, if necessary, and raise your chest into a Baby Cobra. Pull your shoulder blades and breathe into your front body.

Hold for five deep breaths, and then lower yourself down. Repeat two more times.

Child’s Pose

Press back into Child’s Pose and concentrate on your goals for the day. You can stay as long as possible or as much as you want, then finish in Savasana or standup and roll your child. Have a great day.

Listen. I get it. Mornings can be a tough time for you to make space to move your body. You’re tired, you’re sleepy, you’re rushing to get where you need to be. Check these yoga blogs out to see how yoga teachers and enthusiasts can make yoga a natural part of their daily morning routine. If they You’re it, youyou’reoo!

You you’re the morning with yoga poses and a pat on the back. You’ll feel great, and eventually, you might not need to drink that extra coffee.

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