The fair market

The fair market

As Chris wrote in the previous post, we now take payments through both zipPay and Afterpay lay-by systems.  We are loving the interest from people who found us through those sites and by searching for zipPay or Afterpay shops.  Welcome! I hope these methods do help make ethical products more accessible.  Sometimes a few payments lessen the impact on the the fortnightly budget, even if they are not for big amounts.  I have been using both methods with my own shopping.  They do require remembering that the instalment is coming up, but the reminders on email or SMS help with that.  The idea that ethical products are only the domain of the middle class seems like such a wasted opportunity to actually really try and achieve more equity through a consumption practice.

We have also reached out to connect with Moral Fairground.  They are an organisation that are all about promoting fair trade and ethical businesses in Australia.  They run events such as a school program and festival, as well as providing networking, so I am hoping to refine my knowledge and skills in the ethical business area through being connected with them.  Check them out for links to other ethical and fair trade businesses!


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