The Wisdom of Yoga Poses

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Nature, warriors, and sages inspire the names of yoga poses. Names have powerful messages and symbolism that can be used in daily life. Each pose has a message or story that can help us learn about ourselves and our lives.

Poses are more powerful and deeper than we realize. Yoga can guide us through our body’s knowledge. We only need to listen.

Yoga can be as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. Yoga can teach you so much about your life, yourself, and relationships. Three yoga poses with their wisdom are shown below:

Balasana – Childs Pose

Bala is the word for child, and asana is the term for pose. Balasana is a pose that resembles an embryo. In Balasana, we are in a shape similar to that of an embryo. This is a nourishing and resting pose in which we are in a receptive’ and innocent state.

With our heads bowed to the ground, we surrender to the earth. We can release our expectations and let go of the ego. We can open ourselves to receiving and giving when we offer. We also become more in touch with our true nature and develop a childlike quality.

Natarajasana – Dancer Pose

A standing balancing position named after the King Dancer, which represents the ancient dance of Shiva.

Samsara refers to the cycles of existence. Samsara can be thought of as the patterns and habits that we are stuck in all our lives, even if they no longer serve us. Shiva does not mind the cycle of samsara; he views it as a dance rhythm.

Let go of our fear of change. Dance to the rhythm of life and embrace change. In Natarajasana, we balance and open our hearts while doing a backbend. This requires courage and openness.

We can change our hearts and minds if we balance and backbend with a feeling of freedom, like Shiva. We can live fearlessly.

Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

The backward bend of the body represents an archer’s bow. This is a very strong backbend, which requires openness and courage. It’s, therefore, important to find the balance and intensity that you need.

We can use this principle to help us when we face challenges or struggles. The right amount of effort is needed to tackle the problem.

We must rise above our ego and not be angry or judgmental with stressful people or situations. The Bow Pose creates an opportunity for balance, to be fearless, and to not succumb to difficult situations.

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