The world’s oldest yoga teacher credits practice to long life

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Tao Porchon Lynch has lived an amazing life but isn’t ready to stop just yet.

In 2012, the Guinness Book of World Records named White Plains resident 97 years old as the World’s most senior yoga teacher. She still teaches several times a day, even though she will be turning 98 in a month.

Porchon-Lynch attributes her long life to a positive outlook and a regular yoga practice. She also shared another secret for a happy and long life in an interview with CBS: “Just breathe life into you and feel the joy.”

Yogi Adventures

Porchon-Lynch was eight years old when she discovered yoga. Porchon-Lynch, despite being told by her aunt that yoga is not for women, decided to give it a try. As they say, the rest is history.

Porchon-Lynch’s adventures before becoming a “master teacher of yoga” are the type you read about only in books. She marched alongside Mahatma Gandhi in India and joined the French Resistance under Charles De Gaulle in World War II. She also participated in protests organized by Martin Luther King Jr.

Porchon-Lynch has studied yoga under gurus such as B.K.S. Iyengar and Sri Aurobindo, who were among the gurus she looked with. Still, she did not consider yoga a career until 1968, when she received her first teaching position from Jack LaLanne. She founded the Yoga Teachers Alliance and the Westchester Institute of Yoga.

What’s next for Tao Porchon Lynn?

The nonagenarian, who is not one to rest on laurels, teaches between six and eight yoga classes a week in a studio located in Westchester County. She is still as flexible and strong as ever. She is also a talented dancer and will be traveling to France to compete in ballroom dancing competitions next month.

Tao Porchon Lynn is living proof that you can do great things with yoga and an adventurous spirit.

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