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The circadian rhythm, or the body’s internal clock, is normally defined as a 24-hour period that dictates our body’s sleep-wake cycle. Our body clocks can be affected by environmental cues, like sunlight and temperature, or situational events, like red-eye flights or irregular sleep schedules.

Researchers have studied variations in the length of circadian cycles. Night “owls,” which are classified, may have difficulty waking up in the morning due to their slightly longer circadian rhythms. Morning “larks,” on the other hand, find it easier to get up and move because their circadian clock runs a little shorter than 24.

These ten things can be related to all morning yogis, even though circadian rhythms are a factor.

Wake up at the same time every day.

You will always be able to wake up before the rooster. Your body may want to sleep a few more hours, but it is able to wake up before the sun. You will likely feel good even if you have only slept for a few short hours. You will be tired before the sun sets if you don’t get enough sleep the night before.

Feeling Happy and Healthy

Being a morning person can be associated with a positive outlook and lower stress, depression, and obesity risk. Some studies link waking early to a lower BMI, possibly because many early risers also exercise in the early hours and are less likely to skip a workout.

Set Intentions to See Results

If you are a morning person, then it is likely that you set your intentions early in the day. It can be rewarding to repeat a mantra or set an intention before you even step foot on the ground.

Your brain is ready and firing, so you can set your intention and be organized and goal-oriented. You will start to see results for your purposes.

Salute the Sun with All Your Heart

You know what it means when you salute the sun with Sun Salutations. You are ready and awake to begin your practice. You turn to the east, facing the rising sun. Sunrays ignite your inner passion and help you achieve the goals ahead.

Make an Amazing Breakfast to Fuel Your Day

You know how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast in order to start your day off right. You can cook waffles or pancakes, even if you only have cereal and milk.

Enjoying the Taste of Tea and Coffee

You can enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea for its flavor and not just to get caffeine. You also know you can’t drink tea or coffee in the evening after a certain time, or else you may need to urinate all night. This will negatively affect your sleep.

How to be productive like a boss

One of the benefits of being a morning person is that you can set aside some time to answer all of your emails without your inbox filling up with a thousand new ones. While everyone is sleeping and the world is silent, you can enjoy blogging or get rid of the stress of email.

The prefrontal cortex is the most active part of the brain right after you wake up. This means that morning people will have more energy and less time to waste.

You will not be obstructed by any lines or congestion

Being a morning person allows you to travel without having to dodge people. Whether you are going to the gym, getting the best donuts, commuting early, or enjoying a walk in nature, you will not have to worry about avoiding other people. You can travel and explore in the space that you choose.

Enjoying Morning Self-Care

You can create time in the morning for yourself to care for yourself. This gives you time to get things done and create space that is just for you. Many people spend their energy on the outside, so having the time to reflect internally and read, journal, blog, or meditate in the morning is a simple joy.

Protecting Your Sleep Schedule

Most likely, you have a morning routine and a nighttime routine. You may sleep better, nap less, and wake up fresher than your friends who are night owls, but you know how important your nighttime sleep routine is for this process. You value your sleep and go to bed early.

Are you a night owl? Would you like to change your daily routine? Do you want any of these things in your life? Although there are biological factors that influence circadian rhythms in humans, they can be shifted by making conscious and intentional adjustments to their sleep and waking routines.

You are all morning people, and I hope that you have a productive day. Want to add something else about morning people? Comment below!

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