Top 10 Yoga Poses For Men

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Generally speaking, men have tighter hips, hamstrings, and shoulders than women, but men also naturally have more arm, shoulder, and thigh strength. While most men struggle with flexibility, the strength factor can drive your practice into a more substantial place more quickly.

Here are some pretty challenging posture changes for men to help you stretch those difficult areas and use (and enhance) your natural strength.

Let us know what you think of these 10 top yoga poses for men!

Planking Vinyasas

Add an extra plank to your Cobra, Upward Dog, or Vinyasa after each. There’s no flexibility required here!

You can stretch your muscles by warming up the majority of them.

Then, come back down to your stomach and hold Low Plank. Next, move to High Plank. Finally, return to Down Dog.

Warrior I in Cactus

You’ll have naturally tighter shoulders than the women in your group. It’s okay; simply cactus your arms around your ears or make a V-shape with your arms. Then, lift your chest. Be sure to light your fingers up so that you can fire up your triceps.

Keep your feet as wide as possible, like you’re on a railroad track. Your feet should be spaced as far apart as your hips.

If your back knee is bent, that’s fine as long as you feel a stretch (the same goes for Down Dog). It’s fine if your back leg is bent, so long as you can feel the stretch (the same goes for Down Dog).

Dragon Lifts

This Low Lunge variant opens up the front of your thighs and stretches out your core.

Continue pressing your weight forward while maintaining your knee above your ankle. Then press the top of the back foot into your mat to raise your back knee. You can start with your hands on the blocks but try to move them to the heart center to avoid using your arms to hold you up.

Hold for five breaths, then lower yourself down slowly. To stretch the hamstrings, tuck your toes and press into a high lunge.

Lightning Warrior

This shape is a great one for you. This shape will help you to open your back hamstrings, improve your shoulders, and strengthen your core, quadriceps, and your back.

Start with a High Lunge and airplane arms. Lower your torso to the thigh, but do not touch your belly with your leg. Push your toes back and squeeze your shoulder blades.

Peddler’s Posture

Keep your knees bent and push your arms hard to release shoulder tension. If you’re super tight, use a strap and slowly move your arms up and down, starting at your lower back to create an arch. This is a great way to get rid of knots and tight muscles quickly.

You can straighten your legs a bit for an extra stretch. But remember, the goal is not to get straight legs. It’s more about the feeling of stretching.

Crow Pose

Many women find this easier than men because they have a stronger upper body. This is a great hip opener and allows for a deeper forward fold without having your hamstrings opened. So make sure you include it in every practice.

Try squeezing the knees of your upper arms on their outer edges if you are less flexible in your Forward Fold. You can work on this for a bit before moving forward. You can then plant your hands on the floor and lean forward your chest to achieve arm balance.

Yoga Squats

This is Malasana or Garland Pose. What is the difference for men? Your arms are extended in front of your body to align your spine and sink you deeper. It opens your hips and strengthens those leg muscles.

Step up your workout by slowly lowering yourself from standing. Hold for five breaths and then slowly come back up.

Fish Pose

The fish Pose can be a great backbend because it does not require as much flexibility in the legs or shoulders as the Wheel Pose. The deeper the backbend, the more you tuck in your 90-degree bent elbows.

In Fish Pose, lift your legs to 6 inches in one piece and hover for five breaths.

Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose, a simple exercise, is an excellent option for men looking to stretch their quadriceps and relax their shoulders.

You can spice it up with a few lifts to the toes or by squeezing a block in between your knees. This will strengthen your back and hamstrings.

Leaning Butterfly

Press your hands into your feet in Butterfly Pose, and squeeze your shoulder blades to lift your chest. As you remain seated, press down your knees equally on both sides and raise your chest. This will open both hips at the same time with a lateral movement, preparing you for the Pigeon pose.

So, to sum up, men need yoga, perhaps even more than women, and just like any other sport or practice, you will want to use your strengths to help you work on challenging areas.

It’s more about the frequency of practice than anything else. No one becomes a great footballer without practicing, so keep at it, and you will notice a big difference.

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