Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose, has many benefits.

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Triangle Pose, or Trikonasana, strengthens both our physical and mental bodies. This pose allows us to expand the muscles in need and creates space for emotional healing and release.

We will discuss the benefits of Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose. Here’s an easy 101 to get into the pose.

  • Straighten the front leg of Warrior II (in this case, the right).
  • Move your torso rightwards, reaching out with the right hand to the farthest distance possible.
  • If possible, place the right hand inside the foot of the right leg. Place the hand on your shin, ankle, or shin.

Tip: This pose is challenging at first. I recommend using a support hand. The block can be placed inside or outside of the right foot.

The upper body and back must be in one plane. Teachers have described the body as a slice of toast sliding into a toaster. Practice against a wall to get the alignment right.

The Workday: Reversing Damage

Back pain is something that most of us experience at some stage in our lives. Back pain can be caused by a variety of things, from menstrual cramps to chronic nerve pain.

Yoga can provide relief for many people with back pain. Those with medically-based problems may need to seek specialized treatment, but most of us will find that yoga is a great way to relieve our pain. Stress and cortisol are often responsible for the pain in our lower backs.

Yoga is a great way to reduce this stress. Triangle pose can help pinpoint stress in the lower back. This pose helps us maintain a proper posture on our backs, correcting any hunching or curving we may do throughout the day.

The shoulder is also opened and the neck extended, two areas where tension can be found. Triangle also requires focused concentration and attention to breathing in order to prevent the ego from making us feel unsteady or inadequate. The breath and the total presence of the moment are the most effective tools for relieving stress.

Release Emotions

We spend most of our time in a high-alert state without much opportunity for relaxation and release. This is similar to the “fight-or-flight response,” where adrenaline floods our bodies.

Many of us are in this state because there are so many triggers. This response is localized to the hip area of the body. As time passes, stress, frustration, and anxiety build up there.

This is the reason why you may have experienced an emotional reaction after performing a hip-opening yoga sequence. We don’t check in with our emotions on a regular basis. And even fewer people take the time necessary to process them.

By allowing these feelings to build up, we are not doing ourselves any favors. A balanced life is about releasing and understanding our emotions. Triangle pose is an excellent way to do this.

The triangle pose is a great way to open, stretch, and challenge the body. It targets those areas that are most affected by daily stress, allowing them to relax and find relief.

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