Walk of the Dead: A Halloween-Themed Yoga Sequence

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Want to add some Halloween vibes to your fall yoga practice? You may feel a need to exorcise demons in preparation for winter. You may be feeling dark and twisted, and you want to create a flow that matches your mood.

This mini-Halloween yoga sequence will keep you from feeling trapped (or mummified!) This Halloween!

Deep Dark Cat Pose

Use ujjayi breathing to begin some gentle Cat/Cow oblique movements.

As you progress, try to press your shoulder blades further apart and lift your chest higher each time. Continue to go deeper with every rep, and you will eventually be able to lift your legs off the mat.

Try to straighten your legs, and then hold the Cat pose before returning to your hands-and-knees position at your table.

Pirates Plank

As you lengthen your legs, your hips, and your shoulders, lean your chest forward.

You can either stay here or lift your knees to create a version of Plank, resting your feet on top of each other and maintaining a strong core and flat back.

Hold for 3-5 breaths before descending to Child’s Pose.

Slinky Cobra

Then, slide to your Downward Facing dog and wriggle both your hips and your shoulders while pedaling your legs. After a few deep breaths, unfold forward like a serpent to find the regular Plank Pose. Then lower your hips into a deep Cobra Pose.

Scorpion’s Sting

Lean forward into a Scorpion Dog and slide back to the Three-Legged Dog. Bend your knee and stack your hips.

Keep your foot strong; it’s the scorpion stinger! Here, you could either flip your dog or pause.

Fiery Dragon

Dragon Pose: Step your lifted foot up to the top edge of your mat, and then release your back leg. Keep your knee over your ankle to ensure safety. Depending on how energetic and energized you feel, you can either reach up your arms or bow over the knee of the front leg.

Wild Thang

Fallen Triangle is achieved by sliding back to Scorpion Dog, this time bringing your right knee towards your right elbow. Extend your leg leftwards and place your foot on the ground. If you prefer Wild Thing, lift your left hand and make giant circles with it.

After a few circular movements, release your seat on the mat. You will now be facing the rear of your mat. Bend your right knee to a seated tree pose and bow over your extended right leg.

Lord of the Ocean

In Half Lord of the Fishes, come back to a high spine and cross the bent knee over the extended one while twisting your torso left away from your foot.

Repeat the pose on the other side by switching legs. Plant both feet under your knees, and place your hands behind you slightly with your fingers pointing towards your toes. This will press the floor away and allow you to lift your hips into a Reverse tabletop position.

Continue to hold this position for five deep breaths, then sit back down.


You can do a Rock-and-Roll Vinyasa by placing your hands on the top of the mat, stepping or hopping back to Chaturanga, then Up Dog (or Cobra), and finally, Downward Facing Dog.

Fallen Triad

Repeat “The Scorpion’s Sting,” but on the other side. From Janu Sirsasana, go to the left.

Eagled Cow and a Lion’s Breath

Fold both knees, stacking them on top of each other before your navel. Allow your feet to hang loosely by your sides.

Exhale loudly, with your mouth wide open, and stick your tongue out. While you inhale, your elbows should be drawn into your chest, forming an Eagle. Repeat the process three times. Repeat the process on the other side.

Reverse Walk The Plank

You can also activate your toes by stretching your legs down and out on the mat. Lift your hips and place your hands behind your back. Take five deep breaths. This pose is easier the higher your hips are lifted. Bring your toes down to the ground and squeeze your thighs.

Bellows Breath

Step or hop to a seated posture. Straighten your arms and lift your clenched hands directly above your head. As you exhale through your mouth, bend both elbows and bring the fists up to your ribs, making a loud ‘HA’ sound.

After eight repetitions, bow over your legs and seal your practice by taking Corpse Pose.

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