We’ve Moved (Domains)!

By June 11, 2017August 21st, 2018Blog

We've Moved- image of a house moving using one on its side as an arrow

It’s been in the works for a while, but with a slower winter season and some big changes ahead we decided to go for the big move. No, we didn’t land the perfect space for our yoga studio/retail/practitioner home just yet, but we have changed domains. Everything from the old site now redirects to our new and faster Upward Dog site.

Previously, Upward Dog was on a .com domain with a hyphen that made it awkward to remember and for some reason, made Google think we were some sort of pharmaceutical racket. Well, we want to be easy to remember and we know that the .com.au is important to Australia consumers- as it is to us. So now it’s just upwarddog.com.au. Too easy.

So if you’re a fan or even if you’re just here for a first-time poke around, please do let us know if you find any bugs or strange behaviour. We think it’s all been sussed out, but we probably haven’t looked at everything.

Thanks heaps- we always take feedback on board.



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