What does your favorite yoga pose say about you?

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It’s often said that we should not forget to do the poses we “don’t like that much” because they have a lot to teach us. This is true, but the reality is that we all have our favorite yoga pose/s for different reasons, and these are what we often choose to practice because we love them!

What is it that we love about these poses? What does our favorite yoga pose reveal about us? Play and find out.

Downward Facing dog

Start with the most popular pose: Downward Facing Dog ( Ahdo mukha svanasana ). It is a combination of inversion, stretching, and strength. The back of the body is pulled while the arms and legs are strengthened.

This is a pose that some find relaxing, while others find it impossible to do. The pose opens up the body while allowing for a bit of internal examination (gaze into your navel, anyone?). Like the Down Dog posture, those who love it are likely to be outgoing, friendly, and accessible. But they also possess a depth that is not immediately apparent to others.


Can’t it be an upside-down experience? Headstand¬†is a powerful posture that requires core and upper body strength as well as concentration and a solid base. You are probably creative and love to find new angles on everyday events.

Lifting your legs to the sky and seeing the world in a new way will send nutrients and blood straight to your brain, giving it an energy boost and a creative idea. The creative side of life is what keeps you young, and it’s also the reason you gravitate to headstands.

Seated Forward Bend

The Seated Forward Bend pose ( Paschimottanasana ) looks simple but can be challenging and nurturing all at once. Forward folds promote calmness and introspection. This is a great pose for introverts who want to relax after a long day. It calms the mind and relieves anxiety.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who walks their path, no matter if it’s to their or your dreams. You are living your life according to the standards you set for yourself.

Camel Pose

Would you like to bend it backward instead? Camel Pose is a heart-opening, deep backbend. When we turn our backs, we open up to the world and expose ourselves. It can be a brave thing to do!

Camel Pose appeals to people who are confident and secure in their world, have an open heart, and enjoy spending time with other people. You are an open-hearted person who loves to share your feelings with others.

Warrior II

Do you have a connection to your inner fighter? Warrior II is a fierce and powerful pose that gives us power, confidence, and strength. This pose is for those who don’t fear challenges and aren’t afraid of facing difficult situations head-on.

You are always focused and intensely concentrated, even when you feel like your foundation is shaky. You are determined to achieve your goals and do not fear pursuing them.


Savasana may look simple, but it has all the benefits that yoga brings to our daily lives. We practice non-doing and give ourselves the rest we deserve. This is not always easy for everyone, as letting go, relaxing, and surrendering may feel difficult.

You are likely to be very relaxed and not afraid of challenges if you enjoy Savasana. You enjoy relaxing, but you also know that it’s important to maintain a healthy balance in your life. You have time to work, achieve and play. You’re not. You’re too. You’re where “life goes” and enjoy” it open” because you are confident that life will take you where you need to go when you let it.

It’s now your turn! Imagine what your favorite pose is trying to say. Does it help you to develop your physical, emotional, and mental strengths?

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