What is the difference between Bikram Yoga & Hot Yoga?

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You have most likely seen hot yoga offered in many studios, and it is gaining popularity quite fast. Then there is Bikram yoga, which is also done in a hot room.

What’s the difference? Attending Hot yoga class, is it Bikram? You are not practicing Bikram yoga, but you are performing Hot Yoga when you attend a Bikram Class.

Bikram and Hot Yoga are similar only in that both are done in a heated room. Let’s compare the two to see what happens.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Choudhury began Bikram Yoga in the 1970s. The Bikram Yoga studios are equipped with mirrors, carpeted floors, and bright lights. The class sequence is the same for 90 minutes, and all teachers must be certified by Bikram.

Every class does the same 26 poses in the exact order, and teachers read the same script. The room must be heated exactly to +40degC (104degF), with a humidity of 40%. Talking, interaction between students (including teacher adjustments), and music are not allowed.

Bikram Yoga is said to increase muscle strength and flexibility. It also releases toxins due to the heat and sweating. It is still a great workout, and you’ll sweat a lot.

Hot Yoga

You know pretty much what to expect when you enter a Bikram Yoga class. Hot yoga will always vary depending on the instructor and the type of yoga being offered.

Hot yoga can be Vinyasa or Power yoga, which is more active or quieter, like Yin Yoga. There are no set rules for setting up the environment, so each sequence will be different.

Hot yoga is a variety of yoga classes that are offered in a heated room. Hot yoga classes are held in rooms ranging from 32-40 degrees Celsius.

You can also read our helpful tips.

Bikram and Hot Yoga are two completely different concepts. Both cases require you to start slowly and stay hydrated. Take a bottle of water to class and drink enough fluids.

Listen to any warning signals your body may send you. You may feel nauseous or dizzy if you are in a hot room. Take a break.

If you are keen to try it, Bikram and Hot Yoga can be a great way to warm up the winter months.

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