What is the Difference between Yoga in the City versus Yoga in the Tropics?

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From the concrete jungle to the actual jungle, journey to the tropics for true transformation.

Yoga has been increasingly Westernized in the last decade. Yoga’s mind-body spiritual integration, its holistic health benefits, and the tranquility it brings to yogis are only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not hard to find a Zen studio in any major city. But have you thought about taking your practice into the tropics, where the sunnier skies are accompanied by higher humidity? The experience of practicing in paradise is completely different. The magic and beauty of this region will transform your space and your mind, while the local lifestyle will permeate your spirit and mind.

Practice Yoga in the City or the Tropics

It can be a bit of a disappointment when you return to the real world after practice in the city. The office, the assignments, or whatever stress you were seeking to escape will bring you right back to the beginning.

The heat and jungle-like atmosphere of the tropics allows for transformation.

You can immerse yourself in your practice by creating a space of transformation that is free from distractions.

A yogi said that her experience in the city was captivating when she was in the studio. She felt a surge of energy, but the drive home, particularly in winter snow, dimmed her light. She described the collective yogi vibe as fragmented. Students practice with a wide spectrum of attitudes, intentions, and commitments.

Her experience in Costa Rica was very different. All of the people with whom she practiced were in the same mindset – no phones, no egos – just mindfulness on her mat.

The Tropics are a Detox

One student described her tropical experience as “a detox from the inside-out.” The practice is a combination of breathing, hot air, oxygen from trees, salt from the ocean, and sweat from other yoga practitioners.

The connection to nature is cleansing and inspiring. It’s so different than practicing in a mirror studio. It is unique to be able to choose a natural focal, like a tree, for your dristi.

Even a beginner agrees. When practicing in a tropical climate, the boundary between inside and out is blurred. This is something I love.

Practice in the Tropics: Challenges and Opportunities

The physical challenges of practicing in a tropical climate are also rewarding. Yoga practitioners experience greater flexibility and breath capacity despite the heat and humidity.

You will learn a great deal about your ability to adapt to different situations by adjusting to the new culture and practicing in an unfamiliar setting. You will have to learn how to deal with the self-doubt you experience when in an unfamiliar environment. As with any challenge, this will inevitably make you stronger.

A Yin and Vinyasa teacher concludes, “Practicing in tropical climates makes my heart sing.” I am more open and receptive”.

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