What Types of Yoga Mats Can You Clean?

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You should include cleaning your mat in your practice. Every day, a multitude of bacteria, viruses, and microbes is being transferred to the floor of your yoga studio. Lying face down in Child’s Pose while all these cooties are on there will cause you to catch a cold, if not worse.

You also transfer dirt from your feet and hands to the mat every time you practice. Over time, they can build up to the point where you are practicing on a visible layer of grime. Consider how many poses require you to place your face on the floor!

After class, take a moment to hang up your mat. Then, use warm water with one of the following combinations, depending on what fabric your mat is made out of.

Shared Yoga Mats

Use a strong anti-viral/anti-microbial/anti-bacterial cleaner if you are borrowing or renting a mat at your studio or gym. This will prevent you from contracting any viruses or bacteria from previous users. Ask the establishment what mat cleaner they prefer.

Foam Yoga Mats

You can clean foam mats with almost anything. Be aware, however, that washing it in the machine can break down the foam. You can also spray the mixture with water and lemon verbena oil.

Rubber Yoga Mats

Avoid showering if your mat is made of rubber, as the cells will fill with water and become heavy. Avoid using essential oils as they can break down the material.

Use a spray of salt water. Some rubber mats suggest that you scrub the mat with salt water now and again. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and warm water, along with some lemon juice, to thoroughly clean your mat.

Yoga Mats Made of Polyurethane Rubber

To avoid moisture accumulation, wipe down your mat with a damp towel and let it dry. You can occasionally use the baking powder and water mixture to clean your mat deep.

The mats tend to be anti-microbial, so there is no need to worry about fungus growing if you sweat on them. However, soaking it and applying essential oils will reduce the stickiness of the mat over time.

Cork Yoga Mats

The cork mats claim to be self-cleaning. However, I don’t know how they can reach out their tiny arms and clean a dirty footprint. Instead of relying on the mat’s self-cleaning abilities, you can use a dampened cloth to clean it.

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