What You Need to Know Before Dating a Yogi Teacher

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Depending on your familiarity with yoga, the thought of dating a yoga teacher could either terrify or intrigue you. There are so many hilarious misconceptions out there about what it means to be a yoga teacher, thanks to social media.

Although some of us meditate daily, drinkĀ green juices, and celebrate every full moon, dating a yoga teacher does not mean your apartment will become an ashram.

We are different from the rest of society, and our ideas about normality can be very different. Here are some things to know before you start a relationship.

You will be very happy with your nose.

In order to create a peaceful environment, yogis fill their homes with essential oil, incense, candles, and palo santo.

Your belly will be very happy.

A healthy mind and body are important aspects of the yoga lifestyle. You’re unlikely to find a yoga instructor who keeps their kitchen stocked with junk food. You’ll see mason jars filled with grains, refrigerators stocked full of greens, and a jug brewing of kombucha in the bath.

You might not be able to taste the kale at first, but you will soon discover how delicious it can be when your yogi cooks it for you.

You will learn some new words

It’s not a mistake if you feel like yogis speak a different dialect. Yoga practitioners have their unique language. You will learn about chakras, Ayurveda, and Ujjayi breath.

You will learn how to enter the home quietly

.You might want to reconsider your habit of bursting into your house with “Honey, I’m here.” It would be best if you opened the door quietly when your yogi’s home alone. They may be meditating or in Savasana.

You’ll Have to Dig Deep

You might not get along with a yogi if you aren’t open to sharing your soul. We yogis are constantly “working out stuff,” and we will want to share this with our partners. If you are uncomfortable with tears or emotions, then this relationship is not for you.

We are not always Zen.

We are not robots, even though it is our job to help others find their Zen. We will have days where we are angry with someone in the office or get frustrated while driving. Life is not all rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine.

Although we are flexible, we know what we want.

Participating in a Yoga Teacher Training can be a life-changing experience. It’s a life-changing experience. There is so much self-discovery that occurs.

A yogi may be flexible in their social relationships and their yoga practice, but they will likely have some strong opinions about the type of partner they want.

Evenings Out Will Look Different

Do not get me wrong. I know many yogis who still enjoy going out to have fun. Some yogis like to go to bed around 9 or 10 pm after drinking a cup of ginger-infused tea. Dating someone who is a night owl could be difficult for you.

Gift-giving could become even more intimidating.

Finding the perfect gift for your new partner can be difficult. The plot gets more complicated with yogis. Jewelry (unless made from natural materials) and chocolate (unless organic dark chocolate) are probably not what we want. We would be thrilled to receive a new singing bowl, that expensive chakra blend essential oils, succulents, or a membership at a yoga studio.

We don’t judge you, but…

We are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, so we will be horrified if you use plastic bags for shopping, drink soda, or litter.

What are you doing?

We often start the day with tongue scraping, oil pulling, and dry brushing. We chant, stand on our heads, and put crystals in the moonlight. Ask us why we do things you’re not used to.

We’re Awesome.

It’s totally subjective; I have met very few yoga instructors that I did not like. They are people who are totally dedicated to happiness and making others feel happy. They are aware of their emotions, feelings, and needs. They are passionate about making the world better and want to share their love.

You might be the right match for a Yoga teacher if you are looking for a healthy relationship that is meaningful and quirky.

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