Why does your life seem like a constant battle?

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We can sometimes push ourselves so hard in order to succeed that we end up fighting the world. It’s like a battle; all of life becomes a fight. The more we try, the harder life gets. But our ego will not let us give up.

Our relationships suffer as our aggressive ways spread. As our struggles continue, we feel frustrated.

How many tears, screams, and frustrations must you endure until you finally realize that there is another way? What lies at the core of this experience? How can you succeed without going through this kind of struggle?

This experience can be attributed to several factors.

Fear of Failure

We become afraid that we cannot achieve our goals when we face resistance. We either withdraw or become more aggressive in order to prove to ourselves and others that we can do it. We repeat mantras such as “Nobody is going to stop my progress!” and “Nothing can get in my path!”

With this attitude, where is your peace? Do you think you’ll instantly change your outlook when you enter the house? This mentality will affect your entire life.

Focus on your self-expression instead of your results. Our self-worth is based on the situation of our lives: When things are going well in our lives, we feel great about ourselves. Our self-worth decreases when we face difficulties. Your self-worth should not be affected by your circumstances.

You are not your experience. The true self is the only thing that matters when it comes to self-worth.

Fear of the Unknown

The mind does not like uncertainty. When my students have difficulty maintaining a certain posture and are about to give up, I will tell them that they can hold it for 30 seconds more. Students who were about to give up the posture are now able keep it for 30 more seconds.

If I hadn’t told them, they would have let go of the posture after just a few moments. Why is it easier for them to maintain the posture once they know how long they need to keep it?

The mind does not like uncertainty. Uncertainty is a major cause of stress and anxiety for many people. Fear and self-doubt cause the mind to start creating boundaries, limits, and definitions when it doesn’t know what they are. This narrows your view of the world and prevents you from taking advantage of all the opportunities in front of you.

It’s the mystery of not knowing what your future holds that makes life so magical. This is not the only thing holding you back.

Focusing on the Wrong Issue

We tend to focus on the wrong thing. We focus on the wrong thing. It creates desire and aversion, the two main causes of suffering. You want to see results in order to reach your goal.

The stronger your desire and aversion, the more difficult it is to overcome. You will then have an aversion to all difficulties.

Commit yourself to the path. Walk down the path and enjoy it – regardless of the obstacles that you may encounter. It is an attachment to focus on a goal, a predetermined outcome.

You commit to the path without any desire. You surrender to the path and commit yourself without desire. It is not the same as striving or using ambition to concentrate your will. You are driven by ambition when you have a goal in mind. The spiritual drive is when you devote yourself to a path.

You Lack Connection with Your Intuition

Only those actions are yours that you do not agree with. God guides all other actions. Or, as many people call it, intuition.

The voice of God is your intuition. Many people know that intuition is their compass in life. Many people don’t know how to use their intuition and live according to it.

All things are vibrations. There are coarse vibrations, like talking and moving. There are also subtle vibrations, such as thoughts. Yoga is a process that involves tuning into the slight. Yoga focuses on learning to quieten the mind and be still.

Imagine trying to walk in a lake while you are trying to see the bottom of your feet. You would have a very hard time seeing your feet because you’re kicking up dirt with every step. If you stop and wait for the dirt to settle, you can see your feet. It’s like tuning in to your intuitive voice.

Thought overshadows intuition. The vibration of thinking is coarser than that of intuition. You can’t hear your intuition when the mind is busy thinking.

Let go of your fear and commit yourself to the path of authentic expression if you want to live a harmonious and enlightened life. You should not live your life as if it were a goal. Instead, it would be best if you let it unfold as an expression of yourself. Focus on authentic communication.

You will then become aware of your resistance to the expression. You can then remove your unconscious tendencies and become more authentic. This allows you to eliminate false identifications which limit your experience. The more you let yourself go, the more beautiful your life will become.

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