Why you should start practicing aerial yoga

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When someone says aerial yoga to you, what do you think of? I know I cast my mind back to beautifully framed, impossible-looking Instagram pictures of incredible yogis upside down and suspended off the floor.

I’m not afraid to admit that yoga can appear intimidating. It appeals to those looking for a challenging, exciting experience. In reality, it’s not like that.

The thing that surprised me the most was the calmness and gentleness of the class. It’s a very open, relaxed and gentle class! The swing encourages you to open your mind and become a beginner once again. It also promotes a great respect for using the swing to prop up.

I rarely use props as a yogi. Not because I am too good at it but simply because I never saw how they could fit into my practice. But the swing is another story. The swing allows you to stretch your body in new and exciting ways. Here are four reasons why I recommend you practice aerial yoga.

This relieves pressure on your spine and neck.

Before I attended this yoga class, I had no idea how much tension was in my upper back and shoulders. My neck also felt tight. I honestly felt more like I had a massage than a vigorous yoga class.

When you lower backward on the swing, gravity will relax your neck and head gently. This will help to release any tension and increase blood flow to your mind. Practicing my backbends with the swing, I can really open up my back instead of hingeing at the waist.

This will increase your confidence in the inversions.

The swing will hold your body in place and support you so you can enjoy the benefits of inversions. The swing allows you to enjoy the feeling of being upside-down without worrying about falling and injuring yourself.

Aerial yoga has changed my inversion practice. Maybe it’s what you need to gain confidence!

You will be stretched in different ways.

The swing can be a great prop that will change the way you stretch. In some poses, we let certain parts of the body take the strain and miss out on the stretching. I’m guilty of resting my joints when doing poses like Anjaneyasana, and I don’t feel stretched much.

When I use the swing to do the same thing, I am forced not to go as far into the position and get a new, intense stretch. It’s just one example, but I have found it to be a major influence on my practice and has altered the way I approach various postures.

Relaxation is a wonderful experience.

This is the first time I’ve experienced Savasana like this. Even though I have spent years learning to appreciate and enjoy relaxation, I am not yet 100% relaxed. Savasana can be performed in the swing during aerial yoga. This has a cocooning effect that I found very comforting.

You can also lie on your mat and use props to help you position yourself most comfortably. In my first aerial class, we used the second technique. I sat in Savasana with my head on the swing and a bolster between my knees. I also had a beanbag on my stomach. I was covered in a blanket.

This position was much more comfortable for me than the traditional Savasana. My head and knees were supported, but my back was flat on the mat. This was the most relaxing yoga class I have ever been to.

I encourage you to try aerial yoga at least. You’ll never find out if it’s your “thing” unless you give it a try. And you might love it! You will feel like a new person after this class and will have a unique perspective on your Yoga practice.

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