Yoga: 19 things Yogis want you to know

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Despite its immense worldwide popularity, there are still a lot of misconceptions about Yoga and those who practice it.

Here’s a list of things that yogis would like you to know about Yoga. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

You don’t have to touch your toes.

Yoga is much more than just flexibility training. You don’t need to be flexible anywhere else but in your mind.

This isn’t some voodoo religion.

Yoga isn’t a religion. Yoga is a simple path. Contrary to the claims of your yoga teacher, the practice does not worship gods or provide a single path to enlightenment. Yoga is an adaptable, multi-faceted way to find inner calm for yourself.

The “Oms’ Are Optional

You can also refrain from chanting if it does not serve you. You don’t need to do hand mudras or concentrate on chakras. You are the focus of Yoga. You must stay true to yourself, even if that means calling Shiva or skipping breathwork.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian.

Yoga is a way of life, and many yogis are vegetarians to comply with the yamas (restraints) and ahimsas (nonviolence). This is, again, a personal choice. Each person is unique and can interpret ideologies in their way. Yoga does not require you to be a vegetarian, flexible, or any other thing.

It’s not always hot.

Bikram, or Hot Yoga, is a popular style of Yoga. This is just one of the thousands of different styles of Yoga. You can enjoy hot Yoga if that’s your thing. Bikram away if you like. There are many other options available to you if not.

There’s more to stretching than just stretching.

Yoga has a variety of schools, styles, and forms. Some of them are extremely powerful workouts. Some are slower-paced and more restorative. Some are purely meditative. If you are stretching, strengthening, or reflecting during a yoga session, the scope of your practice is expanding beyond simply lengthening fascia and muscles.

It Doesn’t Need To Be Vigorous

Yoga doesn’t need to be intense, powerful, or sweaty in order to be considered “real.” Select a style that you resonate with. Find a way to focus on yourself rather than only outward.

You don’t need a “perfect” body.

There is no “perfect” body. Second, Yoga is suitable for everybody. Every. Single. One. Your appearance has nothing to do whatsoever with your practice. Your practice is directly related to how you see your body.

It’s Not Necessary to Spend All Your Savings on Your Yoga Wardrobe

Lululemon does make cute workout clothing. To be a yoga practitioner, you don’t need to practice wearing $90 leggings. You’ll get more out of your practice if you focus on it rather than the outfit.

It is not a sin to use props.

Props can be powerful tools for your classroom. Use them, and don’t be afraid to use them. Use them. These tools make a big difference, and in no way do they make you less of a yoga practitioner.

This is a powerful vehicle for change.

Yoga is a powerful tool for change. You start to believe your potential as you gain strength.” – Tiffany Cruikshank.

Handstands Are Not Required

Handstands can be a lot of fun. They are not necessary. You’re too scared to turn upside down? Skip it. You can also learn to overcome your fears at your own pace. You don’t yet have the strength to balance on both hands. Practice patience. Yoga is all about the journey. There is no destination.

The benefits of this product go far beyond six-packs

We all exercise to improve our health and bodies. Many people only use Yoga as an exercise to reach these goals. There is nothing wrong with that. Even if your sole goal is to develop a six-pack, you’ll soon discover that the benefits of Yoga are far more profound. Try it. I dare you.

“Letting Go” Is More Than Just A Cliche

Many of us have heard yoga teachers say, “Let go.” This is a common cliche in Yoga. It’s also terrifyingly accurate. Yoga teaches us not just to accept but to embrace the fact that so much is beyond our control. Letting go is only the beginning. It is impossible to describe the peace that comes from letting go.

We are not more enlightened than you.

Yoga teaches you to focus on your breath, acknowledge your thoughts, let go of things that don’t serve you, and care for yourself (both physically as well as mentally). Yoga does not bring you enlightenment, but (hopefully) it will help. You will be on the path to it, towards acceptance and inner peace.

Yoga is not about being better than others. Anyone who acts in this way is not a yogi. Yoga teaches the exact opposite: that we are the same. The divine in me honors you and sees the holy. Yoga practitioners are not “more enlightened”. They are not trying to be. Just like you, we are trying to make sense of this life.

This is an internal practice.

“Yoga is a practice that you do within yourself.” “The rest is just a show.” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

The physical actions we perform on our mats are almost meaningless. What is really Yoga? It’s what happens inside.

This is a lifelong practice.

Yoga has no end. When you finally master a handstand, it does not mean that you are enlightened. Even when you master the one-handed handstand, it won’t make you enlightened. Sorry. Yoga is practice. It is a practice that never ends, always improves, and “advances” forever.

Breathing is everything

Yoga is a physical exercise that gets a lot of attention, but its real value lies in the connection between the breath and the body. The essence of Yoga is this conscious connection between the inner workings of our mind and spirit, as well as our physical bodies.

The Key to Success is Presence

Yoga is useless if you’re not on your mat. You lose the benefits of physical practice if you “run through the motions.” You are also not practicing Yoga when you are not fully present in your life. You will lose the essence of your practice and its teachings if you don’t take it off the mat. The importance of presence cannot be overstated.

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