Yoga Nidra: 3 Amazing Benefits

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What is yoga, nidra? Nidra, meaning sleep, is a deep relaxation form of yoga and a technique to awaken the connection between body, mind, and soul. The practice is like a deep sleep while you are still awake.

It is a meditation technique that has many physical benefits. Here are just three of the many benefits of yoga Nidra.

Reduce Your Stress

Do you suffer from hypertension, hypothyroidism, or lack of sleep? Deep relaxation exercises have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep.

The supplements can also help to stimulate thyroid function and reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue and adrenal insufficiency. However, there are no scientific studies that support this. They may also aid in muscle recovery and repair.

Bring Joy Into Your Life

Yoga Nidra also has powerful psychological benefits. It can help heal psychological wounds and those who are dealing with depression or addiction.

The practitioner experiences a deep sense of happiness and well-being.

Connect with Yourself

Yoga Nidra goes one step beyond this and allows you to connect with the deeper spiritual part of yourself. It restores your body, mind, and senses to their normal function and awakens an unconscious awareness that allows you not to feel separated. On a universal level, oneness, wholeness, and tranquility are felt.

The beautiful sensation of unconditional love towards oneself and the Universal Self, which is understood as the same thing, comes to anyone open to receiving it.

What can you achieve by lying there?

You are not doing anything when you lie down. The teacher will use techniques like hypnotherapy and autosuggestion to guide you into the nidra.

You are then brought back to the present moment after you have reached the deepest level of relaxation. You can now reconnect with your inner self and the world. Your experience will guide you as you live moment by moment.

How can I find a class?

Find a yoga class taught by an experienced teacher in your local studio. You don’t have to practice in class to reap the benefits. You can also find books and CDs to help you practice in your home.

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