Support across space

Support across space

Online yoga has clearly exploded during the working from home life that many of us are now in.  There are lots of good aspects to this.  If it is a paid service, it may help teachers and studios create a little income.  If it is free it can be a (relative) democratiser of yoga (although, it still takes a device and internet access, which not everyone has).

Another great thing about online yoga learning is that you can find someone who really works for you.  Their personality, their teaching style, the style of yoga – when you find a fit with someone it is so great!  It can create to regular way to progress, connect, share, release – even across a screen, and even if it is prerecorded.  And, hoo, don’t we all need connection.

Look, sometimes I have struggled with getting to my mat and doing my practice regularly, playing weird procrastination and avoidance games with myself.  Other times the struggle has been absent –  hallelujah!  It is always a little mysterious to me when learning and practice seem to flow more.  But that’s ok, I like a little mystery:). That said, just like when I have found ‘the teacher’ for me in a real-life studio, when I have struck on an online yoga resource that helps hold me to practice it is so great for self-care and tension release.

So, in the middle of a Zoom session for my business course today, an idea popped up: I will set up a resource here, a directory or master post for the online yoga resources that are out there.

Think of it as a place to spruik the teacher whose zoom sessions you are loving, or the free channel you found on YouTube.  Maybe you found an app that is really working for your yoga home practice, or you want to support your teacher’s foray into the world of yoga online.

If I bring together the different options in one place, then it may help people choose and find a great fit for themselves.

I know that finding a teacher and a way of practicing that works for you is key, and that this can also change over time.

I’ll kick it off: at the moment I am totally in the stream of Pixie Lallas’ teaching at Yoga Vastu.  She has deep wisdom from her years of experience, that Iyengar clarity on alignment, and supportive directions for using props.  I am finding her resources for all levels are actually great – sometimes it is good to revisit foundational poses and principles; then again it is great to challenge myself with advanced poses.  To disclose – we do have a partnership with Yoga Vastu where if you spend $150+ with us you get 15% off a subscription with them.  Still, it is absolutely high quality teaching and support.

I would love to hear who you are enjoying.  Feel free to comment here, get me through the contact form or let me know on Facebook or Instagram.

Now – I know that moving without a screen is also great, and also it’s own form of sanctuary.  Online doesn’t have to be everything to everyone.  But, particularly at the moment, it has its treasures.


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