Yoga Pants: Women React To A Man Telling They Not To Wear Yoga Pants

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In case you guys missed it, last October, a whole bunch of women organized and gathered outside a man’s house to stage a yoga pants parade-slash party. Why a yoga pants party, and why do it in this man’s front yard?

All began with a letter.

He continues, “Maybe the unforgiving view they offer is inappropriate for general consumption or TMI. Or the specter [!sic!) He continues, “Maybe it’s the intolerant perspective they provide, unfit for public consumption, TMI, or the specter [!sic!]

The letter is a strong one, with a suggestion that women stop wearing yoga pants in public. According to the author, yoga pants “do not compliment a woman older than 20 years.”

The Epic Clapback

When the letter was released and word spread, women who love yoga pants in Rhode Island organized quickly to make a statement. It may at first seem trivial to some (“it’s only yoga pants”) but, as the¬†page¬†created for the event puts it succinctly:

While yoga pants may seem like a silly issue, they represent something much larger — misogyny as well as the history of men controlling women’s bodies.

The gathering was successful, as hundreds of men and women turned out to support and join the peaceful march to make a statement. As expected, participants enjoyed some group yoga – they were all dressed up for it!

Sorrentino said that the Yoga Pant Parade and the responses to his letter were “satire” when asked. Let’s not worry about whether it was satirical. Instead, let women make their own choices regarding clothing, body type, lifestyle, etc.

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