Yoga poses and exercises for balance training

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Balance requires concentration, intention, and the ability to hold on and let go.

Body balance training helps maintain posture and the ability of the body to function by improving body awareness, improving dynamic joint stabilization, and reducing injury risk. Balance exercises for the body improve concentration, memory, and the ability to let go.

You can use these ten exercises to improve your balance in your next yoga session.

Tightrope walk (Tightrope optional)

Repeat the movement on the opposite side. Throughout the entire movement, keep your gaze forward. Repeat for 20 steps.

Try walking backward while on the tightrope. When stepping on the tightrope, place all your weight on the leg that is supporting you and lift the opposite leg as high as you can while remaining as still as possible.

Hold your breath for 2 to 4 seconds before you step down.

Forward Lunge Walk

Hold the legs at a 90-degree angle. To lift your body, engage the inner thighs with each other.

Challenge: While stepping up, do a Warrior III and then slowly lower into a lunge to the opposite side. Challenge: Backward Lunge Walking with or without Warrior III.

One-Handed Tiger Pose

Keep the hips, shoulders, and shins aligned, and apply weight evenly to the shin. Keep your body still, and only move the arm or leg.

Switch sides after five deep breaths.

Tree Pose

In Mountain Pose, place the sole of your right foot either on the inner thigh, the calf, or the floor of the leg that is supporting you. (Avoid putting the foot of your right foot directly on the knee of the leg, which helps you protect the joints.)

Switch sides after holding for 5-10 breaths. Close your eyes.

Eagle Pose

In Mountain Pose, begin by shifting your weight and slightly bending the left leg. Then, cross the right thigh across the left and the right arm underneath the left arm.

Switch sides after ten deep breaths.

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose

Start in Mountain Pose. Shift weight to the left leg. Bring the right knee towards the belly. The index and middle fingers should be interlaced around the big toe. (Or use a strap on the sole of your foot.)

Begin by straightening the leg in front, then move the arm and leg to the right slowly. Place the left hand either on the hip or to the left and look over the left thump. Hold for five breaths, then switch sides.

Warrior III

Start in Mountain Pose. Shift weight to the left leg, and then float the leg behind. It would be best if you had your upper body parallel to the ground and your right leg extended. Your arms can be positioned in front of or behind the foot.

Switch sides after holding for 5-10 breathes.

Standing Figure Four Pose

Start in Mountain Pose. Shift the weight to the left and bend the leg. Bring the right knee towards the belly, then cross the ankle of the right over the left thigh. Sit back in a chair with the left foot over the ankle.

Hold your hands in prayer at the center of your heart. Hold for ten breaths, then switch sides.

Challenge: Use the triceps and the arms to balance your legs in a flying figure four.


Interlace your hands in a tabletop position while keeping your elbows at shoulder distance apart.

Slowly roll the body into a tight ball, using your back and front core.

Hold for 5-10 deep breaths.

Crow Pose

Squeeze the legs around your shoulders, keep your body in a tight ball, and then place the weight evenly on the palms.

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