Yoga Retreat Tips For Teachers, Retreat Leaders and Students

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A¬†Yoga Retreat can be a real dream for instructors. Yoga retreats and teaching yoga are almost synonymous in today’s world.

Here are some tips to maximize your experience as a yoga teacher, retreat leader, or retreater.

For Yoga Teachers

Let me first say to all yoga teachers who are aspiring to run their retreats: You’re doing it wrong if you think of this as paid vacation.

When a yoga retreat runs smoothly, guests don’t know what happens behind the scenes. Remember this: From the moment guests arrive until they depart, you must be ON. You must provide a sacred place, attend to the needs of your guests, teach yoga, and host them.

Your retreat will not go smoothly if you don’t do this. Attendees also put a lot of effort into their yoga retreats. The majority of attendees expect to see a dramatic change in their lives within a week.

Yoga instructors and retreat leaders have a great deal of responsibility to create spaces that promote healing and growth.

For Retreat Leaders

Hello, yoga retreat leaders! Have you visited the location or country where your retreat will be held? You should! I always visit the retreat site before booking. It’s important to get a sense of the space and see if it fits with your vision. Also, make sure that the owners, managers, and staff are in sync with my business.

You can make your place look amazing in pictures! Photos are not always an accurate representation. Staff also plays a major role! Friendly, clean, efficient — all of these things are important.

Invest time in examining the space. Treat it as a full-time occupation if teaching yoga is what you do. Yoga retreats are not the time to relax. Take a holiday without your students if you’re looking for a relaxing time.

For Students and Retreaters

Are you thinking about going on a retreat? Do your research! Do you know the instructor? What is their teaching style? Have you ever taken their class before? Are you familiar with their personality? You should because you will be spending a lot of time with them.

Almost 100% of my retreaters are following me on Instagram. The majority only know me through this platform. Should I worry about this when they haven’t met me yet? No.

It is transparent, authentic, and honest. The content is not overdrawn or sensationalized. I have written all the words from my point of view. I rarely quote other people (usually), and when I do, I elaborate. When my retreaters arrive, they already know me or have some idea of what I am about. They know what they can expect and what they will get.

It is good for students to check out videos or photos of their future teacher/s practicing so they can get a feel for the voice.

How can you tell if the teacher that you follow online is a great Asana practitioner but always quotes others to express what they think and practice? You can’t.

It is important to take time and think about whether you want to lead a retreat or go on one. Yoga retreats are not for everyone. Not all yoga students should go on retreats.

Avoid being influenced by the marketing and hype of yoga holidays when making your decisions. Decide what you want and what you expect, and, most importantly, be yourself.

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