Yoga teachers: Respect your energetic boundaries

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Energetic boundaries are essential for any wellness provider, and especially so for those who work with individuals one-on-one.

Understanding your energetic limitations and wishes, as well as implementing different techniques to preserve and protect your energy, can take some time and finesse.

In general, you should start evaluating what you are able to give and how to replenish yourself after teaching. Your energy output and needs are very personal. However, by focusing on your cycles and triggers, you can start to discover your sweet spot.

Know Your Clients

Working with clients that aren’t the right fit can be difficult. You will learn from your interactions and experiences that some people may require more energy and not be the best match. Understanding the warning signs of someone not being a good match is important, as are understanding triggers and setting clear boundaries.

A common drain on energy is teaching more than your maximum number of private clients. As you fill up your private client list, start assessing your clients. This will help you determine what works and what needs to be done to gain more energy for your teaching, your business, and your life.

Take time off

To feel fulfilled, you need to find your flow. When you have days off from teaching, you can dive into your business.

It also allows you to help your clients in different ways, provide them with information, complete notes for each client, and focus on the administrative duties all private yoga instructors have.

As you teach, be aware of your cycles and how to maintain your energetic integrity. You will also need to set boundaries for yourself and your clients.

How to know your energetic boundaries

Buffer your energy needs in advance to determine your genius zones. Note when you feel tired, depleted, or off, and become familiar with warning signs that burnout is approaching.

Self-care can include a variety of activities, from strengthening your mind to moving your body to reconnecting with yourself.

Keep some of your attention inward when working with clients individually. This will help you to be more in tune with the ebbs and flows of your energy, your boundaries, and any elements that are draining or taxing.

Learn your edges so that you can learn to strengthen them rather than push them away with consequences.

Continue to refine your skills so that you are working with clients who fit your personality and not those who drain you, abuse your energy or boundaries, or with whom you have to cut ties due to the nature of the relationship.

Schedule your clients in groups and keep non-teaching tasks for different days and times. With these elements in mind, continue to refine your ideal timetable.

What are your current energy needs? What are the ways you can be more tuned into your energy input and output to feel better and provide for your clients? Please share your thoughts below!

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