Yoga to beat June Gloom

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The promise of summer is just around the bend, but “June Gloom,” which can be a real drag (especially if your springs are cool, foggy, and damp), can be a real drag. Even in Southern California, there are weeks in June when the sun does not appear. It isn’t easy to get motivated in the morning.

Ayurveda is a holistic Indian medicine system that believes springtime to be the kapha season. Dark, cloudy, and damp are all qualities of kapha, one of the three doshas, which begin to accumulate at the end of winter and continue into spring.

If such qualities are present, our bodies will begin to accumulate the same heavy, stagnant kapha qualities, causing us to feel lethargic and our minds to be foggy and dull.

Yoga to Beat Spring Fatigue

By adjusting your practice, you can help combat the seasonal effects of June and get rid of its gloom. Take 10 minutes in the morning instead of reaching for your umpteenth coffee to get your energy and blood flowing. This flow sequence is designed to burn spring sluggishness just in time for pita season.

Start with Cat/Cow movements. Move your spine, shoulders, hips, and head. Deepen your breathing. Press your hips back and up into Downward Facing Dog when you are ready. Warm up by doing a few Sun Salutations.

The flow sequence below is designed to be breath-by-breath, from the left to the right. Take your time with the first pose and do it at your own pace. Then, repeat this sequence a few times, as described below.

Inhale as you lift your right leg straight up behind you. Press down with both palms, keeping the outer right hip down.

Step your right foot in front of your thumb, and then lower your back leg into a low-lunge position. Keep your toes tucked under.

Anjaneyasana: Inhale and firm your front leg into the mat. Engage your inner thighs towards one another. Reach your arms to the sky, lengthening your front body.

As you exhale, lift your back leg off the floor and lower your torso. Bring your arms along your hips to create an airplane version of the Crescent Lunge Pose. Draw up your core.

As you inhale, start to stack your spine and keep your waistline straight. Reach your arms overhead as you perform the Crescent Lunge Pose.

After exhaling, lower your hands to the mat. Step back to a Plank Pose. Then, lower yourself slowly to the floor through Chaturanga Dandasana.

As you inhale, reach your inner legs back and lengthen your spine.

As you exhale, press back and up into Downward Facing Dog.

Repeat the same sequence for the other side. After a few rounds, rest in the Child’s Pose and feel the warmth that you have created.

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