Yoga Wheel: Uses and Benefits

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Yoga wheels are a favorite amongst us all and with good reason. They help us stretch further while releasing tension in difficult-to-reach areas.

These can increase the intensity of certain yoga poses and exercises. They also help us build strength and stamina in some cases. Here are some ideas for you to experiment with.

Spinal Stretch

Spread your arms to the sides and lay over your yoga wheels. Let your head hang back to increase the stretch of your spine.

Needle Threading

Place your hand extended on top of the wheel and take Thread The Needle to encourage a deeper shoulder opener.

High Lunge

Place your back shin onto the wheel and do a high lunge to increase the stretch on your back leg and strengthen your front thigh.

Plank Pose

You can also try some mountain climbers. Get into the Plank position on your hands or forearms and place your feet directly under the wheel. One leg at a time; bring your knee to your nose or elbow.


Try rolling the wheel as you pull your leg in. This can be done by stacking your hips on your shoulders and lifting your back foot for a few seconds in Handstand before returning to your original position.

Forward Fold

Place the wheel on your calf and fold your legs forward. Your hands should be placed on the wheel.

Pose in the Side Angle

Hold the wheel and do the Side Angle Pose. Raise your upper body until it is parallel to the ground. Keep your arms close to your ears, and keep a straight line between your hips and your hands.

Child Pose

Place both hands on the wheel in front of the mat and do a Child’s Pose with your legs wide. Roll the wheel slowly forward while keeping your head down. This will open your heart and shoulders.

Down Dog to Handstand

Try lifting your Handstand from a shorter version of Up Dog. Place your forehead against the wall with your wheel. You can press into the wheel until your feet are lifted off the floor.

Crow Pose/Firefly Pose

By holding your hands slightly apart and gripping the wheel’s edge, try to find the Crow or firefly pose. Try bringing one knee to your upper arm at a time. Experiment with your weight placement to remain balanced. Try to slowly and gradually get both knees upward.

Revolved Side Angle

Take a Revolved side angle with your back leg down and your front feet on the wheel. Lean your hips forward, and lift your heart.

Boat Pose

Bring yourself to the Boat Pose with your wheel in hand. Slide your legs and torso to the Low Boat or raft and pass the wheel to your feet. Pass the wheel to your hands and lift back up the Boat. Repeat!

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