Yoga with medical conditions

Yoga with medical conditions

A shout out to those of you with chronic medical conditions.  Hoo, it’s hard.  I actually have three, and I will be having major surgery soon to finally address them successfully.

Yoga is a practice of radical honesty that invites us to observe what is.  Even so, it has been an internal dance to not judge myself with how ‘far’ I have gotten as a yogi, a dancer, or in other areas of my life.  This is where having chronic conditions is a yogic teacher: they keep inviting or forcing acceptance of how things really are.

I wrote a post about my experience of having PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) here, on the Warrior Blog.  I link to it here because even in the yoga world it can be easy to judge the self, wondering (even if you don’t want to) why you don’t look or feel like a yogini on Instagram.  There is value in welcoming and including all bodies, all experiences, into the radical honesty of yoga.  Even (or especially) those that can pose a significant challenge to finding the Zen:)

Namaste x

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