Yoga for real life

Yoga for real life

Well then.  Today I surprised myself – with how angry I was.  How consumed I was by emotion, how out of whack and triggered.  It is humbling, because of course my ego can be a little proud of the fact that I practice yoga – as in asana, but also all of the mind warrior business to manage emotions, chronic pain and symptoms.  And hoo boy, today was humbling for that self-image.

So, as Bluey says ‘for real life’ – I am doing this practice for real life. This yoga thing is constant learning, and it includes life.  It includes the times I feel ‘off’, lost in a reaction, or feeling unkind to my body.  And then … registering this, and coming on back to breath, love, and presence.

Practicing.  Practicing, practicing.

Namaste x

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