You can find connections in your neighborhood.

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It would be an understatement to say that I have been blessed with good neighbors over the past 13 years. These are the neighbors who lean over to ask how you’re doing and if there is anything they can do for you.

I strive to be a good neighbor and to have an open mind in all areas of my life. Over the years, as I borrowed eggs and sugar from neighbors, I realized that being neighborly was no longer just “a thing.” It’s an art.

You can start building neighborly relationships by using these seven ways I have found.

Be outside.

Being outside makes you more approachable to your neighbors. Even a dog wandering through the yard can spark a conversation.

Face time is important.

Texting and social media are not enough. Meet up with your friends face-to-face on a regular schedule. No screen will ever replace a human connection.

Surprise them not only on holidays.

Send something just because. My neighbor sent me a coconut cake, which I still crave.

Make their house yours.

First, I have to trust my neighbors. You can borrow anything from them. Making them feel comfortable will also make them appreciate you, and they’ll reciprocate.

Children and pets: care for parents.

You never know what will happen when you need to let your dog out, feed your cat, or supervise children (toddlers through teens).

Keep an eye on the road.

It is reassuring knowing that someone will check your mailbox and contact you if they see your belongings being moved to a van or smelling smoke in your home.

Get rid of all your things.

I have a neighbor who comes to my house regularly to ask for a gadget or tool. If I’m not home, I tell him to go to the garage and look for it himself.

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