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What is your yoga style? Is your yoga about getting to class once or twice a week (which hey, is pretty damn good)? Or is it about practicing at home every day? Maybe it has to do with gaining strength, or regaining flexibility, or taking a moment for yourself to try and relax? All of these are valid, but I bet you have even more…

When the phone rings and you know who it is, you don’t want to answer, but you breathe deeply, wait another ring and answer it with courtesy. That’s your yoga. When you’ve got far too much on your to-do list and sitting in the car you realize how tense your shoulders are and you let them fall and relax before turning the key. That’s your yoga. And when you come up against a new challenge, perhaps one that shows up as fear, and you remember how far you’ve come, maybe remember the teacher who said something like “falling down is part of learning – here watch me do it,” well, that’s yoga too.

Yoga isn’t all about health – we’ve said this and you know it. But neither is dance, or martial arts, or hell, even the trampoline park. There’s a depth and breadth to it, but that isn’t to say that there are codes or rules or other dogma that you need to blindly follow. In fact, following without discernment often leads to trouble, and especially so in certain yoga cult(ure)s. It’s not an easy thing to sift through – what is appropriate in terms of spirit, health, styles, etc. But when you stick with it and over time learn to identify how yoga is unfolding in your life, how it is becoming distinctly yours, it’s soooo worth it.

So now we wanna know:

What else is your yoga? When do you use it? When do you wish you could use it? How does your stretching reach deeper into your everyday? Tell us here or on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

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