YWA Move Day 1 – Here

YWA Move Day 1 – Here

YWA Move Day 1 is up, check it out here.  It is so wonderful to be moving and being present by practicing Yoga With Adriene again.

She is a clear vessel and it is beautiful.

I stayed present and was here to notice any small feelings of jealousy or comparison or trepidation at being physically pushed wash through.

I am sweaty!  It is summer in Melbourne and from a still, slow start she got us moving already in YWA Move Day 1.

Sometimes I am annoyed at the Australian time zones not being in sync with where some of my favourite courses come from.

I am not sure if doing these sessions at 9pm when they become live will work for me, especially with children.

So then the practice is to notice and let the thought of being ‘behind’ if I do them the next morning wash through (even though Australia is actually ahead).

I noticed that even though some of the sequence got me sweaty in a Vinyasa flow, I wanted more than 29 minutes, so I did some more practice afterwards.

This is day 1, though.

I love that whatever age I am, whatever the current shape of my body, and what’s going on in my life, I can come back to movement, the breath, and presence.

I love that all the riches are within and can be moved through the body out into the world.

It’s pretty extraordinary.

Thanks to all of the lineages of yoga practitioners and teachers, particularly those from India, who developed and passed these keys on.

Thanks to Adriene.

And Benji – he has really fluffed out as he has gotten older:)

My answer to the prompt, ‘I am here to’ was ‘I am here to serve’.

May I serve others in their movement towards the treasures within.










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