YWA Move Day 10 – Uplift

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YWA Move Day 10 – Uplift

Ah, uplift – thanks to the YWA Move Day 10 yoga home practice.

What a sweet relief to feel some uplift through the body and mind through the gems of yoga.

I actually had some mid and lower back tension going into this practice, so the idea of uplift had me a little trepidatious that it would be focused on backbends.

Backbends were in there, but it was a lovely mix of as an, and as always, the instruction from Adriene is kind yet encouraging to explore the shapes.

In fact, I am impressed that for a practice explicitly open to beginners, that through the power of kind role modelling, some bigger shapes are introduced.

I highly value my history and continued practice of an Iyengar approach to taking a lot of time on the alignment in each pose.

It’s also great to feel that a light uplift can carry me through various asana.

I have been reflecting recently that it is strange to be post-chronic conditions.

These conditions caused a lot of chronic pain, which can be such a challenge to live with.

I am truly grateful to feel some levity and integrated uplift organically, which would have felt far away when I was within those conditions.

I recommend the Yoga With Adriene  YWA Move Day 10 – Uplift practice.

In fact, I recommend any of her videos, or even taking a moment – a moment – to tune into your body and the potential uplift found there.

Yoga wheels can be great for easing into the uplift of a backbend at your own pace.

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