YWA Move Day 11 – Mobility

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YWA Move Day 11 – Mobility

The YWA Move Day 11 yoga practice with Adriene Mishler is focused on mobility.

Mobility is a buzzword; it is also important.

There are many movement practices that focus on mobility, from physiotherapy, osteopathy, to ‘functional’ movement and pilates.

Essentially, these modalities find common ground in helping the body to free up patterns of tension and pain, which brings greater mobility.

I like a focus on mobility because it helps me tune in to specific parts of the body and give loving attention there as I follow the movements.

Admittedly, in moments the movements in this session of ywaMove can feel like a typical workout with its focus on muscle-building and isolating certain areas.

Following a guide such as Yoga With Adriene and her example to bring a tender awareness to these movements helps to really embody them and not just go into rote mode.

Having said that, hoo, some of the work in YWA Move Day 11 on the outer hip was challenging – I definitely felt muscles work  that I haven’t for a while!

I like that the 30 days of yoga journey includes different styles of movement, while being unified by a calm sensibility.

This helps to reduce mental chatter about which style is best, what the style is, or what it means.

By practicing the YWA Move Day 11 session I worked muscles that I wouldn’t normally!

I love many approaches to movement and embodiment and my yoga path has been mostly through the strong guidance of the Iyengar method.

However, I am loving the freshness this YWA Move  practice is feeding into my new year.

If you are interested in exploring mobility I recommend check out ywaMove.

You may also want to check out the natural cork products that we stock to help with increasing mobility.

We stock cork massage balls and a firm cork roller, as well as a mobility kit that brings all of the goodies together in one collection.

Rolling muscle and fascia against the pressure of the hard cork surface helps to release tight areas.

May we enjoy discovering mobility.

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