YWA Move Day 12 – Focus

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YWA Move Day 12 – Focus

The YWA Move Day 12 practice came at a time where my focus was less than 100%.  I have been sick, and I noticed that I couldn’t pull my attention into a sharper area when prompted to by Adriene.

Still, it was a good to practice the act of focusing anyway, even if it wasn’t coming fully.

I guess that’s what practice is!

Happily, I was able to access some grace, even with my ankle wobbles, during the balancing poses.

That is, I was able to be graceful with my wobbling, even as I have the intention of balance.

Look, yoga really does work on all of the levels, including the metaphorical, hoo boy.

The number of views drop off on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube videos after about day 5, which is of course understandable, and I notice without judgement:)

Right now, this year, I am in a place and literally in a space where I can make my own way through the 30 days of yoga.

I have been navigating around having children, being sick, and the impacts of the omicron surge, yet I seem to be able to keep getting back on the daily yoga wagon.

The self-critical voices about not doing things perfectly or excelling at them (whatever that means) are getting quieter as I get older.

I mean, hooray.

It is a good thing that Adriene continues to weave core strength movements into the practice.

This is a good reminder to learn from different teachers every now and then and see what I taste.

I got some feedback that some customers are loving the Zone Essential Oil in Breathe and I know it is a fresh, clearing blend – so maybe inhaling that as you practice will encourage your focus.

Focusing on now,

Annalise x













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