YWA Move Day 13 – Flight

Mukti Grounded Yoga Mat

YWA Move Day 13 – Flight

The YWA Move Day 13 online yoga session included some play with crow pose.

It can be challenging to get the foundational angles and movement that helps you reach flight in this asana.

I enjoyed the playful, light touch approach in YWA Move Day 13.  At the same time, Adriene honoured that flight is the intention – it is exploring the quality of flight within that matters.

It is such an internal art – having a light touch with oneself and the learning process, while having a clear intention of the quality that is the goal.

I am exploring new connections with myself and others at the moment, so I enjoy the spacious, airy quality of the theme of flight.

I am also exploring new musical terrain, and I have a sense of flying over new topography as I listen.

It’s great to explore flight even as I am grounding and healing the connection between my feet and the ground.

The stability and the soaring are in relationship after all, so practicing both even when ‘imperfect’ is a great combination.

Oh hey, we stock the Mukti Grounded and the Mukti Grounded Extra Long, if you are keen on an earthy, natural base to soar from.

I am finding that I want to do more practice for my body at the end of the 20 minute sessions of Yoga With Adriene.  I am aware of not overdoing this, but the back of my thighs and hips in particular often want more opening after finishing a ywaMove video.

At the same time I want to keep the emphasis on regularity, rather than an extended session one day and nothing the next.

Please know that I blog with where I am at the moment, and I know that many times in my life I have found daily practice challenging.  At times I have given myself a hard time about not getting to the mat. So I understand the dance with self-critical voices, and I send compassion to anyone experiencing them.

In putt-putt flight,

Annalise x










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