YWA Move Day 14 – Closer

YWA Move Day 14 – Closer

The YWA Move Day 14 online yoga practice brought a beautiful intimacy with the self.

The theme of ‘closer’ invited me to experience a near proximity with divinity.

That is, a feeling of grace and peace.

My response to the prompt in this session, ‘I move closer to’, was ‘I move closer to my glory’.

Ok, so I wasn’t feeling this in an ego sense:)

I was feeling ‘glory’ as the innate divinity (grace and peace) that can be experienced within.

This can be expressed through the human self and then witnessed as beautiful by others.

But I wasn’t feeling the ego trap.  Which is nice:)

How fascinating that by releasing tense patterns, with time, and re-educating the body and nervous system with movements that create ease and energy, that we can access this state.

It’s pretty amazing.

Thanks yogis.  Thanks Yoga With Adriene.

This ywaMove session included some work in bridge pose.  Strengthening glutes, with awareness, is important to me healing an injury in my hip.

I am grateful that the longer I practice being with myself and my body, the more subtle I can experience the closeness with grace.

The ywaMove series is a fantastic journey through 30 days of yoga.  It is accessible at any time on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel.

If you are looking to set yourself up for yoga home practice, may I recommend a Manduka PRO Yoga Kit to have your base sorted for 30 days of yoga, and for life!


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