YWA Move Day 15 – Reset

YWA Move Day 15 – Reset

YWA Move Day 15 online yoga practice from Yoga With Adriene was a wonderful reset.

Framed as a half-way mark rejuvenation in the 30 days of yoga journey, it included movements found in kundalini yoga such as ‘knocking on heaven’s door’, which helps the breath and energy to move through the body and bring fresh attention.

I appreciated the chance to reset, which brought my awareness to the relationships and growth in myself that are new.

At the same time, a perception of ‘reset’ is always in the continuous moment-to-moment experience of life, just as it is in the frame of the 30 days of yoga practice.

There were lots of twists in this session, which you can find on Adriene Mishler’s YouTube channel.

I realised that I can do many more twists in my practice, because they do help squeeze out some tension and once untwisted, a sense of open-ness through the torso can be felt.

Cork yoga blocks can be so helpful for twists.  Bringing the hands up onto blocks can help keep the twist as open and spiralling as possible.

I appreciate that I am able to stay on the path during this 30 days of yoga so far.  Providing helpful energising practices such as one framed as a reset for YWA Move Day 15 is really appreciated.

I understand that these practices are aimed to be inclusive of all levels of experience with yoga.  Having said that, I am missing longer practices and those that include inversions.

It’s still good to appreciate all of that yoga gives, even in one moment of being with the breath.

I have been practicing with Yoga With Adriene on an off for several years, and even as she is a ‘big name’, she is a wonderful human and a clear giver of the yoga gifts to so many.

So thanks Adriene!

With a reset breath,

Annalise x










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