YWA Move Day 16 – Anchor

YWA Move Day 16 – Anchor

I really appreciated the anchoring focus in the YWA Move Day 16 practice.

The mantra that Adriene shared is truly a helpful one for tethering attention:

My breath is my anchor

My anchor is my breath

This works to counter a trauma response.  To reroute the nervous system.  To calm thoughts. To pull attention away from self-critical thoughts.  To more fully inhabit a physical asana.

The practice of anchoring attention to the breath even (or especially) helps when doing the more ‘workout’ style movements that Adriene includes for the core, hips and legs in the ywaMove series.

I reckon I may have done more reps and with just a little bit of love through using this anchor.

As I have previously said, I had really excruciating chronic conditions so I don’t judge anyone who finds anchoring the attention difficult.

In fact, we all probably do.  Good old manas.

How grateful I am to benefit from centuries of breath work by so many practitioners, particularly from India.

How grateful I am for breath!

With an anchor,

Annalise x










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