YWA Move Day 17 – Snuggle

YWA Move Day 17 – Snuggle

How lovely that the YWA Move Day 17 theme was snuggle!

Love a snuggle, me.

In fact touch and cuddles and proximity are my equal-favourite love language.

I have spent a long time wanting touch and snuggles and not having it, so I understand both the yearning for touch and being met, and the healing practice of snuggling up to the self.

I am so glad that Adriene shared this with her millions of followers, what a treasure!

May even small moments of snuggling within send ripples of love and acceptance to many.

I have become really interested in the science of the trauma response, and the art and science of healing it.

I don’t yet know if this will be a ‘career’ role, but I know that the process of self-regulating the nervous system, and co-regulating with another, is profound.

I love that it can be described creatively, romantically, spiritually, in terms of a polyvagal nervous system, in terms of healing us collectively and individually – it’s fantastic!

So props to the many pioneers in psychotherapy, meditation, somatic exploration and neuroscience that are developing this important work.

Props also to Adriene Mishler at Yoga with Adriene for sharing the practice of snuggling to the self, snuggling with the body (and perhaps a blanket) in a home yoga practice.

There have been many times when a practice that doesn’t look like ‘much’ physically, or that is very gentle, deep and simple has been what I needed.

Funnily enough, when it came to YWA Move Day 17 I was actually feeling like I had more energy for asana, that I wanted to do more than was led in the session.

So I did.

Having said that, it’s true that yoga is ultimately internal.  Practicing through the body is great and important and profound, and the practice within is what is always available.

I know this from having been in hospital many times for surgeries and births, and having cyclic chronic conditions, none of which I ‘asked’ for – the opportunity and the challenge and the gift is – what can I practice internally?

Therefore I am grateful to teachers such as Adriene for sharing a practice of snuggling to a large audience.

With a lovely snuggle,

Annalise x














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