YWA Move Day 18 – Savour

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YWA Move Day 18 – Savour

I savoured the YWA Move day 18 online yoga practice from Yoga With Adriene.

What a beautiful reframe as a part of this ywaMove series – to savour each moment (or savor, with the American spelling).

Savouring the embodied experience of yoga helps to bring attention to the current moment.

It is such a gift.

It is, of course, such a practice – I am always practicing this!  Always forgetting, returning, remembering.

Remembering to savour the sensations moves attention away from self-critical thoughts or judging the outside appearance of an asana.

This is a really interesting arena to me:  Moving from within as opposed to fixating on the form.

Having said that, I have been drawn to experience some more Body Mind Centering lately.  This is actually very hard to describe in language without sounding completely obscure.

But it’s basically a practice of feeling into the ‘mind’ of the body, often focusing in particular areas or systems (eg, organs, muscles, lymph, bones).

Being present in this ‘mind’, this body mind, and then following movement from there, listening to what the body wants, where it wants to go, or not, is essentially the practice.

In some ways this is a very innate way of moving that we get educated or corrected out of.

It’s also true that really being conscious of this way of beings profound, that as adults we can be aware of how we are being in our bodies.

And savour it!

Actually, I think I was in this state, and savouring it, and loving it, through my years of dance as a child and teenager.

Hence why I loved the experience.  Even though it was full of weird body image toxicity and an emphasis on achieving a better form, there was also room to inhabit this conscious moving state.  So thanks to my teachers in little country towns for providing that!

Now, ok, When I intensively experienced ‘release’ based movement, improvisation, contact improvisation and some body mind entering, from about ages 18 to 25, my self-critical mind could get involved in the process.

That is, even as I was looking to be free of the idea of a ‘right’ way to be and move, judgemental thoughts about how ‘released’ I was, how ‘centred’, ‘grounded’, and still, yes, how ‘beautiful’ or profound the movement was could still be thorns in the mind mix.

Ironic, no, and also frustrating for the mind to keep folding in on itself like this:)

In good news – 20 years later, after lots of healing and life and self-love, there is much, much less of this self-criticism.

I think I’m just so grateful to experience pleasure, sensation, peace, and openness, after experiencing so much pain and suffering in the body mind with my chronic conditions.

And the way to ‘have’ the sensations is to savour them, truly.  It is a passing having – transient like the breath.  Yet beautiful and loving.


Annalise x









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