YWA Move Day 19 – Explore

YWA Move Day 19 – Explore

YWA Move Day 19 was a wonderful short yoga practice.

I love feeling the connection and familiarity with Adriene.

I truly appreciate feeling love for myself, others practicing, and the collective.

At a time when a part of me is yearning for love in relationship, feeling love towards myself and others is a true healing.

It’s important to acknowledge that this is not absolutely the same as embodied interpersonal love.  Yet, we feel the love, and it actually has an effect, according to the neuroscience of dharma.

My grief for the world is met by a loving, kind mind.

I know that collective political action is needed, and internal individual practices like this can feel siloed off from this action.

At the same time, what a healing, when we start within and keep practicing love with the breath, in each moment, as we can.  Thanks for the opportunity to practice with myself and others on the ywaMove 30 days of yoga journey.

Being a lover is such a good motivation to work for justice.

I would rather move and explore how to act in the world from this place.

In fact, I choose to.

Exploring love,

Annalise x










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