YWA Move Day 2 – Open

YWA Move Day 2 – Open

YWA Move Day 2 – Open was another beautiful, kind, heartfelt practice from Yoga With Adriene.

The theme was ‘open’ and after experiencing this session I now feel invigorated yet very relaxed.

I mean, that’s the ideal, right:)

I noticed some thoughts of resistance or wanting to quit around the abdominal sequence of ywaMove.  I noticed how thoughts of not wanting to extend the comfort zone, and not want to do something where I feel ‘weak’ or ‘fat’ can be obvious, yes, but they can also be subtle.

The things is, the response to the resistance and inner criticism can also have subtlety.

It can subtly not absorb the disparaging voice, and continue the movement, with the breath.

There are some possibilities in relation to others, and in my business at the moment, where I feel some fear or resistance.

It is a great reminder to take the strong, quiet, subtle self to respond to this resistance also.

There wasn’t a defined prompt today, but I had the thought that ‘I am open to each moment on my path’.

Opening into each moment (only), and bringing the breath to it, helps pull attention away from fear.

I also like a practice, a focus, a sense that I can bring these tolls to each and every moment, it’s actually a delicious prospect.

Thanks Adriene for YWA Move Day 2.

Feel free to join me on ywaMove (at any time).  I would love to hear about you and yoga, yoga and you.

Annalise x











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