YWA Move Day 20 – Ritual

YWA Move Day 20 – Ritual

The theme of YWA Move Day 20 is ritual.

For many this idea may be off-putting, prompting an aversion to religious or spiritual ceremony.

Fair enough.

A lot of harm has been continued through means of ritual in institutationalised religion.  A lot of toxic positivity and eliding true experience has been enacted in new age rituals.

I know because of the deep frown line in my forehead that formed in response to simplistic and harmful intoning of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine in a ritual space, hoo.

Ritual can also be what you make it.

What is it about ritual that draws humans in?

How can I make ritual mine?

What will help me in ritual?

What rituals are there that we participated in communally that do help us feel connected and more at ease?

I am pretty experienced with using an activity named a ritual to follow my intuition, find what feels good, and listen to the responses from within.

I guess this interaction – between spontaneous internal impulse and the structure of doing a ritual Thing – is a productive one for me.

I absolutely feel that home yoga practice is a ritual.  It was a bold move of Adriene to overtly say this in this ywaMove session.

At the same time, like mindfulness, ritual is one of those rich phrases that can become flattened and commodified into subscribing to an app or perfecting a morning routine.

Not that I criticise those things – but I think ritual also involves turning up to see what unfolds, and is not just a means to be a more productive human.

Ritual also implies turning up with some consistency – the very spirit of a yoga practice.

Many times I have struggled with getting to the mat, or giving myself a hard time about what time of day I do, or how long I am there for.

So I know the struggle and I send compassion to anyone experiencing it!

I seem to not be struggling with turning up at the moment.  The container of a 30 days of yoga journey and doing online yoga from home is working to get me on that mat without angst.

I used the YWA Move day 20 session to highlight that ritual can be every day.  I have an intention of ‘doing’ a healing ritual for myself and my current experience in relationship to others and myself.

At the same time, that focus on healing the self can be accessed outside ‘doing the thing’.

May yoga be a healing ritual!

Annalise x











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