YWA Move Day 21 – Connect

YWA Move Day 21 – Connect

Well, yes, the YWA Move Day 21 online yoga practice with Adriene Mishler was not what I was expecting! That is, it was only about 12 minutes long, and was almost all core strengthening movements.

So I found it a little challenging to be motivated – I guess because these movements just don’t feel as good as many asana for me.

Core work can also trigger memories of workouts, exercise classes and associated anti-fatness and body judgement.

I have enjoyed and used ‘workouts’ at times in my life, and I get the incentive to strengthen the body, and the benefits of core strength.

Let’s just say it was not inspiring for me to do this ywaMove session.

Having said that, I did manage to stay present through the movements, even when I made a choice to put my head down in the crunching movements.  I just find it almost impossible to avoid tension in the neck and that does not feel like a good idea to my body.

I managed to minimise self-judgement about that choice and keep moving with the cues.

Actually, side-note, I had a new response to the background inner-critic this morning – I was just really warm and friendly with it, like ‘hey!  Nice to see you’.

There’s different ways to approach it, but a genuine warmth, like ‘hey again, buddy’ was really doing it for me today!

After the YWA Move Day 21 session had finished I did a lot more slow practice and really, really enjoyed it.

I am grateful for the time when I am able to really follow my instinct and have a long practice.

I explored using high blocks to access all kinds of different sensations in downward dog, uttanasana, and more.

May we all connect within, and with each other,

Annalise x










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